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Intel & Toshiba / The Beauty Inside

Who: Intel & Toshiba

When: July 2012

What: The ‘Beauty Inside’ is an interactive social film about Alex who is in his mid twenties. He lives in Los Angeles. He restores antiques. And he’s a pretty normal guy. Except for one thing: Everyday he wakes up looking like someone else. And it’s been happening for as long as he can remember. Welcome to The Beauty Inside.

The Beauty Inside stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Topher Grace, and all of YOU. It’s Hollywood’s first social film that lets everyone in the audience play the lead role. Featuring The Beauty Inside Facebook fans: Kate W. from the UK, Tylan B from the United States, Daniela G. from the United States, and Shigo T. from Japan!

The Beauty Inside Trailer

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

If you haven’t already auditioned, please do! Go to the “Audition Now” tab at Facebook.com/TheBeautyInsideFilm. Instructions are waiting for you.

Director: Drake Doremus


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